Help improve your bookings with confidence boosting cleanliness

Give your guests the reassurance that your property has been hygienically cleaned to the highest standards using our trusted products.

Why use Dettol for your enhanced cleaning routine?


Leading manufacturer of hygiene products in the world*


of travellers are "concerned" about germs while staying in short term stays**


of travellers expect an increase in germ protection actions from short term stay properties***

* Source: Euromonitor Home Disinfectants panel data, 2020

** Source: Remesh Professional QualiQuant, April 2020 | ***Source: *Remesh Professional QualiQuant, April 2020

Display the Dettol signage throughout your property.

Enhance your listing with Dettol

Make sure to add ‘This property is hygienically cleaned with Dettol’ to your listing details.

Display the Dettol signage in your listing’s images.

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